Passengers and visitors
PARKING ::: :::
At our facilities is a parking lot guarded with capacity for more than 150 vehicles and 60 motorcycles, open to the public 24 hours and permanently monitored.
Hours: 24 hours every day.
- Monthly Fee $ 99000 Carro
- Moto Monthly Fee $ 43400
- $ 15000 Per Day Shopping
- Fee Moto Day $ 7500
- Fee Time Carro $ 2800
- Fee Time Moto $ 1400
- Fee Casco $ 250


Service that takes you a ticket home. 6371000 dialing you order your ticket on the company you want and delivers it Telepasaje home, to travel when it suits him and the position he likes.

::: VIP ::: SALAS
To make your stay in Terminal an unforgettable experience, we have VIP rooms equipped with the best facilities, cafeteria, air conditioning, Internet and magazines and daily updated. A great way to wait for departure time. Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Location: Module 3, First Floor.


TV SYSTEM ::: :::
In each of the waiting rooms and restaurants in the area you will find TVs where you can enjoy a varied program and where you can learn through audio and video system, time out of your vehicle.
Operating Hours: 4:00 am to 12: pm.

ATMS ::: :::
In our facilities may find 3 ATMs receiving any kind of debit and credit cards. Bucaramanga to enjoy in the best way.
Hours: 24 hours every day. Location: Urban Area, Module 3.

So that it is located in our city and to receive all the information you need about departure and arrival of vehicles and routes, prices, timetables and destinations, call 6445572 or come to the window of the Information Centre, where it will attended by one of our assistants, who surely will guide you in the best way.
Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Location: Urban Area, Module 3.

So you can comfortably go our facilities or are stopping in our city, the terminal offers the possibility to leave luggage stored in a safe and spacious place with the best rates.
Location: Module 3 relegation zone Price: Depending on the volume of luggage, the average price to pay is between $ 2,300 and $ 4,300 per bag, (1 hour or 24 hours have the same value).

::: ::: LIFTS
Thinking about the comfort of its visitors, Bucaramanga Transport Terminal has 2 lifts, one of them with panoramic view, with capacity for 12 people, so that the displacement is fast inside the building.

The Transport Terminal Bucaramanga has bathrooms in each of its 3 levels and in each of its 4 modules, so that there will always be one near you.
Price: $ 1,000. Showers $ 4,500

always thinking of organizing the operation of the Terminal, our organization created boarding areas, in order to control and organize the procedure when boarding the vehicle and ensuring the safety of passengers and their belongings.
Location: Found throughout the first floor of the terminal.

The Transport Terminal facilities are equipped with 32 security cameras that allow you to control the movement of people and vehicles around the building and its surroundings and access roads. In this way, our visitors can feel at ease and be sure of it in every place, your home.

So you know the exact arrival time of a vehicle, the terminal manages information online, hobble that just makes its entry into the terminal, the system records the data and these appear on the screens of the relegation zone and Center Information. (Place of origin, time, internal number, license plate).
Location: relegation zone, Module 3.

Upon arriving at our terminal, travelers will not have to worry about your bags, as they find themselves in the relegation zone a modern baggage conveyor belt that allows them to easily bring their luggage to the area taxis, city buses and parking.
Location: relegation zone, Module 3.

To facilitate movement of the luggage of our visitors, the Terminal has 20 Equipajeros, who provide service 24 hours and have the necessary training to guide visitors.
Price: Equipajeros Tipping is voluntary for each user.
Hours: 24 hours every day.

The terminal knows that the most important is the safety of its visitors. Therefore, 6 guards, accompanied by dogs anitexplosivos monitor their facilities and maintain the tranquility of travelers and security of their belongings.
Hours: 24 hours every day.

To strengthen the private security that has the Terminal, the National Police has a presence with 4 agents who are responsible for ensuring the safety of visitors.
Location: Module 3, Lockers, adjacent to lift the module.
Hours: 24 hours every day.

For any minor event, the terminal has trained to provide assistance necessities and ensuring visitors a quiet and safe 24 hours a day stay staff.
Hours: Daily, 24 hours.
Location: Operational Zone Module 1, First floor.
Price: No charge.

The Transport Terminal Bucaramanga has 3 areas of restaurants and cafes, which offer variety of food and where you can relax before starting your trip.
Location: Modules 1, 2 and 3, Second Floor.
Hours: 6:00 a.m. - 10 p.m.

For those who want to make a prayer or a prayer, our Terminal has available a small chapel for this purpose.
Location: relegation zone, Module 3.
Service Hours: Daily from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


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