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On July 11, 1991, with the presence of the President of the Republic Dr. Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, the Bucaramanga Transport Terminal was inaugurated, constituting the most important work consolidated in recent years in the city, which is a source of pride for All Santandereano not only for its design and beauty, but for its functionality, being considered as one of the best Terrestrial Transport Terminals in the Country.
The Bucaramanga Transport Terminal is a joint-stock company of mixed economy, of the municipal order, with autonomy, legal personality, own patrimony and organization established according to the Colombian laws from the 6 of February of 1978.
The objective of the Bucaramanga Transport Terminal is to provide comfort, security and services to users of intercity and interdepartmental transport within their facilities, allowing the centralization of the arrival and departure of vehicles and in general contributing to the urban Its area of ​​influence, and advances the necessary programs to ensure an adequate control and improvement of the Automotive Land Transport Service.
The facilities of the Transport Terminal of Bucaramanga, consists of four modules distributed in companies of Taxis intermunicipal and bus companies that offer diverse routes, covering great part of the National Territory.


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