Our history

Our HIstory     

On July 11, 1991 with the presence of the President of the Republic Dr. Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, transport terminals BUCARAMANGA, becoming the most important consolidated in recent years in the city work, which is proud to be opened Santandereanos all, not only for its design and beauty; but for its functionality, regarded as one of the best land transportation terminals in the country.
TRANSPORT TERMINAL BUCARAMANGA is a corporation of mixed economy, the municipal order, with autonomy, legal, property and own organization, established according to Colombian law since February 6, 1978. The term of the company expires on 6 February 2078. the objective of Bucaramanga transport Terminal is to bring within its facilities comfort, safety and provide the necessary services to users intermunicipal and interdepartmental transport, allowing the centralization of arrival and departure of vehicles and generally contributing to urban planning in their area of ​​influence, also it contributes to solving traffic problems in their area of ​​influence, and advances the programs necessary to ensure adequate control and improvement of Land Transportation Automotive Service.
Facilities BUCARAMANGA transport terminal, consist of four modules spread over companies taxis and intercity bus companies that offer different routes, covering much of the country.

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