Our values


  • Value that guides the actions that should translate in righteousness and coherence between what is thought, said and done.
  • fundamental value in life, to do things with honesty, integrity and decorum.
  • Accept and respect the trust which is conveyed.
  • It is the main strength of the members of the Company.


Inseparable value of trust and tolerance.
Essential for good "organizational climate" accepting the other with its qualities and defects principle.
Value addresses assertive behavior and leads to healthy work environments.
Indispensable quality that carries achieve higher levels of productivity that enable the successful achievement of common goals.


Covenant demanding with himself and the organization.
Is doing more than what is expected, it is to go beyond that for which we are paid.
Accept the delegation of functions, tasks and activities assigned by the company with enthusiasm and integrity.
Be faithful and loyal to the responsibilities that come with the organization and feel a fundamental part of the team.


Ability to strengthen the integration of group work in order to achieve common goals.
Ability to respect the ideas of those who surround him and to present themselves for better results in tasks.
Ability to maintain a cooperative and not individualistic attitude to improve the organizational climate.
Value that instills appreciate people around us and their working capabilities, with the aim of acquiring higher rates of personal and professional satisfaction.


Capacity to aspire to perfection and excellence in any work develops.
Commitment to be better every day as a result of the pursuit of excellence.
Involves developing all activities, tasks and processes insistently, firmness, dedication and efficiency; Developing them with uprightness, integrity, cleanliness and transparency.


Balance between verbal and nonverbal behavior to internal and external customer of the Organization.
Maximizing the capabilities, skills and individual and collective talents towards improving the service and the behavior of Human Resources of the Organization.
Human Resource Adequacy to interact and serve the people around you.
Ability to interact with the customer in full, collaborative and solidarity.




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